Here’s a little fantasy I had while walking the dogs yesterday. LOCATION: Any democrat run city in the U.S. of A. TIME: Now!

Sheriff! Just got a report from the south side. There’s a group of men dressed in camo. They’re harassin’ the folks down there and they appear to be heavily armed.

Oh shit! Those damn militia dudes comin’ back to make trouble!
Don’t know, sir. Could be. They don’t have insignia or anything to indicate they’re law enforcement.

Alright guys. Let’s go down there and check out these bad-ass Nazi wannabes. Better grab your riot suits and big guns, just in case.
Stop the car. Aw hell! Look at that. These bastards just stuffed a boy into a POV.

Sirens. Loud Speaker: Pull to the side of the road! Now!

Ok boys! Everyone better lock and load. These guys look like they mean business.

Deputy: Everyone step out of the car – slowly. Keep your hands where we can see them.

Evening. You boys out for a joy ride? Oh? You’re law enforcement officers, huh? Really? Well you’re gonna have to prove that! You better damn well show some official ID! And I wanna see open-carry licenses for those bazookas your boys got there.

Yup, says here you’re with the Customs and Border Agency. You lookin’ to claim customs duties from this kid? You aware of the fact that we’re a hundred plus miles from the nearest border? You’ve got no business being here. I’d say you’re a long way out of your jurisdiction. You’re in my jurisdiction now!

I’ll take that. Hand it over. That’s all you got? Deputy, run a check on this ID. Take your time. We got all night.

OK, not just you, boss man. Now for the rest of your goons. Each and every one of your cowboys better produce legitimate documentation now. And you may as well shed some of that Robocop crap and make yourselves comfortable. We’re gonna wait for verification on each and every one. One at a time.

I don’t give a damn who you say you work for. I ain’t gonna have no rogue vigilantes terrorizing my citizens. I wanna know exactly who you are, who you’re workin’ for and what authorization you have to bust into my county and harass my citizens.

I need you to turn around and remove yourselves from the city limits. You don’t wanna do that, you can surrender your weapons. We’d be happy to escort you downtown to enjoy the amenities of our municipal detention facility.

‘scuse me? You thugs are gonna do what? Arrest me? Fogeddaboudit! You keep up with this smart-ass shit and I’m gonna have my boys throw you low-lifes into those paddy wagons over there and haul off to the city dump.

Or maybe, we’ll just strip you down and have you all try the walk of shame.

Come to think of it, we could even drive the whole lot of you scumbags all the way to your jurisdiction and dump your sorry naked asses along the banks of the ol’ Rio Grande. Am I makin’ you homesick?