HELLACIOUSShould we say,
Hope you have a happy Hallowe’en?”
No Way!”
“Happy” is definitely not what this night is!
So, in the spirit of the occasion…

Here’s hoping you have
A horribly horror-filled
and horrendously horrific,
even hideous and heinous
Hallowe’en holiday.

The terrible truth be told,
’tis a terrifically titillating time
of torturous, tantalizing terror.

And forever will our foul fellows
Fulfill their fickle fancies
With a frightfully fiendish feast
of fear and phantasmal folly.

When grotesque gangs
Of Goons, goblins and ghosts
Go aground in ghoulish garb
To grab the gory guts
of unguarded guys and girls.

So save your silly, selfish soul —
Carefully collect a creepy costume,
Wear a witch or wizard wardrobe,
Make a mask of murderous amazement,
And leap along lithely
in the illuminating lantern light.

Attend to your anal anxieties
As ancient angels of the Antichrist
Attack at All Hallows’ Eve
With an abundant arsenal
of absolutely annoying alliteration.