59336ecd5d052.imageMy job is to help Japanese students of English improve their ability to understand our amazing, mongrel tongue and hopefully, to express some of the less inscrutable mysteries of Nipponica.  Mr. Obama gave me plenty of effective material with some excellent examples of the wit and seamless logic English can deliver.  Now Mr. Trump is helping me show the Japanese that English is capable of being even more inscrutable that their own ambiguous vernacular.

I got the following article from The Guardian online newspaper, made several alterations to both content and layout to make it a more effective teaching device, and then made up a vocabulary quiz since the prime motivation for many masochistic Japanese learners is to endure a painstaking test at the conclusion of each lesson.

I insist they lock up their ubiquitous electronic dictionaries and simply follow the text as they consider the meaning of each word. You can download and print out the test if you are into verbal self flagellation.TrumpTrans1TRANSTRUMP 2TRANSTRUMP MATCH 1TRANSTRUMP MATCH 2