Portrait  Presidential Candidate Donald TrumpThis 13-year-old, 2nd year junior high school boy didn’t answer the question but he gets an ‘A’ anyway. Last summer he wrote a perceptive speech critiquing President Obama’s Hiroshima speech. This term I gave him Trump’s inaugural speech to study.

8. What are some differences between the Obama Hiroshima speech and Trump’s inaugural speech?

[Actually, couldn’t find the differences between Obama and Trump from their speeches. I only found that Trump’s strategies are related to his business skill. (But I’m not so sure he’s that good at business).]

Trump said too many extreme things during the election campaign. I thought, “That crazy, old idiot won’t be chosen,” but he became the president!

Recently, I thought he might be calculating what people want to hear. He had his eye on poor workers who weren’t happy with Obama and those people voted for him. But then I thought maybe he is not clever enough to calculate those strategies. He is good at business though, so I thought his strategies might be related to business management.

First he had to catch people’s attention, so he used the media to let people know the Trump brand. People thought, “I’ve never seen this kind of funny politician. He could be good.” And they bought it. (this means they voted for him). After the Trump brand became famous, and was chosen by a lot of people, he could expand his market. (This means he can sign a lot of executive orders.)

Now we don’t know what is going to happen. But I guess there are only two possible ways; Trump’s brand will flourish or his brand might perish.