161231-rizind750-004wThe usual clear blue Kanto winter sky was lacking its usual bitter breeze this year when we arrived at Saitama Super Arena to celebrate Oshogatsu as guests of RIZIN MMA ring announcer Lenne Hardt – a.k.a. my little sister.

161231-rizind750-002wAfter a 45-minute drive on an unusually clear expressway, we had a nice walk with Louis and Maggie in the people park next to the car park. They would be enjoying a nice long nap in their favorite sleeping nook – Kayoko’s Suzuki micro-mini van.

161231-rizind750-014wThe arena is part of an ultra-modern complex arising like a grove of steel and concrete bamboo shoots in the middle of the Saitama suburbs.

161231-rizind750-015wLenne’s ayatollah Malcolm met us with our complimentary tickets in front of Royal Host. 161231-rizind750-016wAnrei came with us and Naoto Sasaki and friends were the first to rendezvous with us.161231-rizind750-017w