The Kurodas at their garden in Miyazaki, Japan  Click image for The Telegraph article

Just to See You Smile – dane d. 2.28.2016

We worked our life through
So little time to play
Now that time is our treasure
We’ll roam the land over
Spend all our good fortune
Somewhere far away

No, no, it can’t be!
So much to do
And I cannot see!
We’ve reached the dawn
but the light is gone
My fortune is buried
My soul forlorn.

No gardens, No orchards
No marvels to be found
You sit in the parlor
and ponder the hour
Nothing to cheer you
But then — maybe a flower.

Not one spring, but two
I will work the soil
Buds will bloom pink
And friends will come to view
You’ll hear them, you’ll feel them
You’ll smell the fragrance, too

You left me alone
So many hours, so many days
To dig and to weed
Planting so many seeds
You did all that for me
For my blind eyes to see

Not just for your surprise
But for me to stay mobile
And as a treat for my tired eyes,
Just for me, to see you smile