Kayoko was delighted to get an all too rare email today from our youngest, Ashton. She was a little confused that he started out with “Happy Mother’s Day”.  At first I thought maybe he was buttering her up by declaring every Sunday Mother’s Day. However, since he made no mention of money that seemed unlikely, this time.  Hearing that he and his friend Rus were making the most of their last day in Paris before heading back to surgery training in London, I concluded that it must be some Euro thing, rejecting the American cultural influence in favor of their own quaint traditions. Sure enough, a bit later, as I was reading The Guardian, I came across this photo under the headline,”Prince George poses for Mother’s Day photo with William and Kate

Prince GeorgeSo I dutifully went to Wikipedia to get the full story. It seems that in jolly old England Mother’s Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent. It began in the 16th century as ‘Mothering Sunday’ when servants were released to attend services with their family at their home church. Today they accept the Yanks’ label of ‘Mother’s Day” but they continue the tradition of serving cake and of following the traditional calendar. Mothering Sunday falls each year between 1 March and 4 April, and this year it is on March 30th.  So, a Happy Mothering Day, Kate, Kayoko, Kathryn, Kanae, Nozomi and all you wonderful mums out there!