Jorge Rafael Videla died quietly in his sleep last night, proving that there is no justice here on Earth.

In 1976 Videla led a coup against Isabel Perón’s government, sending Argentina straight into the depths of a hell known as the Dirty War. In 1983, democracy was restored following Argentina’s defeat in the Falklands war. Videla was prosecuted for crimes against humanity including mass kidnappings, torture, murder and the theft of many babies. Oddly enough, he was granted the privilege of house arrest until he was finally sent to prison in 2008.

Some of the dictator’s cohorts and alleged facilitators fared even better . No U.S. officials were ever brought to justice in spite of the fact that the U.S. supplied Videla with advice and training from the CIA and the U.S. Army’s infamous School of the Americas under the Ford, Carter and Reagan administrations. Some also allege that a local Jesuit priest named Jorge Bergoglio was directly involved in Dirty War activities.