ImageThe days are getting shorter and shorter
For all of us here in Japan
And for everyone north of the equator
From Massachusetts to Milan
But in north America and Europe
Along come depression and dismay
Spirits are drained of cheer and hope
As dark clouds steal the sun away
Wake up to a sky totally black
Have lunch in a light dreary and gray
At five it’s like midnight as you head back
And every night seems to last all day
Then, sometime deep in December
Old Sol reverses his heavenly flight
He yawns, stretches, rekindles his embers
Then graces each day with a little more light
This is the Winter Solstice
When night gives in to day
And the rising sun, not just Christmas
Makes us want to sing, dance and play
Plato called the day Poseidonia
Yado was a time for Persian pride
Caesar celebrated Saturnalia
While German pagans practiced Yuletide

Jewish candles light up Hannuka
Japanese ring Oshogatsu bells                                                  
Christ’s Holy Night and jolly Santa
Bring carols, gifts, choirs of angels

Call it by any other name
The purpose remains the same
A time to bring joy and cheer
To the dark side of the year  Image

By whatever name you ordain
When the sun’s on the rebound                                           
Have a holiday pleasantly insane                                           
And spread the joy all around