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It seems like every summer Japan and South Korea get into some kind of nasty squabble. This summer’s hot topic is an on-again, off-again territorial dispute over a couple of rocks in the sea that separates America’s two East Asian allies. These guys can’t even agree on what they’re fighting over; for the Japanese it’s the Takeshima Islands in the Sea of Japan and for the South Koreans it’s the Dokto Islands in the East Sea. Same sea, same islands.

Well, things got sillier than ever last week when President Lee refused to receive a letter from Prime Minister Noda. His personal courier was turned away from the Foreign Ministry in Tokyo when he tried to return the letter in person. Korea then announced that they would send the unopened letter back special delivery.

Click for Jiji Press Article: Japan Refuses to Accept Letter Returned by Seoul

All the time I was reading about this I couldn’t stop hearing a constant replay of an old Elvis song, Return to Sender

This is a photo from a fashion show on nearby Ulleung island to promote South Korean sovereignty over the Liancourt Islands (Takeshima/Dokto) on Aug. 10, 2012.