5 – Lost

Lucy was excited, she was holding in her arms the most precious thing she had ever known, a magic pumpkin! Father and grandfather played such important roles in making the magic, but what about Mother? Poor Mum had missed out on all that.

Lucy couldn’t wait to introduce Sir Cadwallon to her mother. there was no time to waste! the sun had already hidden behind the block of flats and soon the neighborhood would be enveloped by the darkness of night.

“Oh dear, if it gets dark before I reach the house, Mum will be waiting at the door in a horrid mood.”

She couldn’t allow anything to spoil Sir Cadwallon’s introduction. As she entered Reading Road, she got an idea; “If I cut through the park it’ll save me a good five minutes, at least. Then I can make it with time to spare.”

She made a quick turn off the road and darted into the trees that ran alongside the old Williams Manor. The path led through the trees to a green opening where she often let Duke off his leash. She was always afraid he would get stuck in the thicket on the north side.

“I must be careful to stay out of the brambles,” she thought. “Those nasty burrs sting like the dickens.”

Sir Cadwallon was getting heavier with each step as she ran across the field hugging him like a football.

“Don’t worry, Sir Cadwallon, I’ll have you home in a jiffy.”

She entered the last grove of Ash trees when something that felt like a cactus brushed against her right leg.

“Oh dear! Not those blasted burrs!”

She stopped dead in her tracks and looked around but couldn’t see a thing. She twisted about trying to look around Sir Cadwallon to see what could be brushing against her leg when she felt a searing burn run up her leg.

“Ouch! That smarts, whatever it is.”

She twisted around again but this time she lost her grip on Sir Cadwallon, letting him fly off into the thicket. Only then could she see that it wasn’t a burr at all that had scratched her so terribly. There, next to her leg she saw two vicious amber eyes radiating pure evil.

“Oh, you horrid little cat! You wretch! Look what you’ve done!”

Her shout was answered by a horrible hiss as the black beast fled into the brush where Sir Cadwallon had disappeared moments before.