Here’s the grammar exercise I prepared for my junior high school students.  It  gives them a chance to learn current history and prepositions at the same time.   You know the history, but are you sure you know the grammar?  Try it.

American School of Languages 5/7/11


Read and insert prepositions.   about (2) / against (1) / around (1) / at (3) / by (4) / for (3) / from (2) / in (33) / of (15) / on (4) / out of (2) / to (3)

___ 11:30 pm ___ Sunday, May 1st, President Obama scheduled a very unusual late night television address ___ the nation to announce that the top terrorist leader, Osama bin Laden, had been killed ___ a U.S. commando team ___ his hideout ___ Pakistan.  

This was the dramatic conclusion ___ a worldwide search that began nearly thirteen years ago.  ___ August, 1998, then President Bill Clinton ordered the arrest ___ Bin Laden ___ his role ___ the terrorist attacks ___ U.S. embassies ___ Africa.  Clinton failed to find the leader ___ Al Qaeda, as did his successor George W. Bush.  The tragic result was the terrorist attacks ___ September 11th, 2001, that killed nearly 3,000 innocent Americans. 

President Bush immediately put Bin Laden ___ the top ___ America’s most wanted list.    ___ October, 2001, he sent U.S. Special Forces _____ Afghanistan to find Bin Laden and bring him back “Dead or Alive”. America started a war _________ the Islamic Taliban government ___ Afghanistan because they believed the Taliban were helping to hide Bin Laden. Many people thought he was hiding ___ a cave deep ___ the mountains that divide Afghanistan and Pakistan.  After nine and a half years ___ fighting, Bin Laden was never found ___ Afghanistan.

___ 2003, America slowed down the war ___ Afghanistan and sent most of its fighting forces to attack another much hated man, Saddam Hussein, the dictator ___ Iraq.  President Bush was focused ___ the war ___ Iraq and even said he was no longer very interested ___ catching Bin Laden. 

After Barack Obama became president ___ January, 2009, America again focused its attention ___ finding Bin Laden.  American soldiers were taken ___  ___ the war ___ Iraq and sent ___ Afghanistan to fight the Taliban. Some specialists were saying that Bin Laden probably was no longer ___ Afghanistan and that he might be ___ neighboring Pakistan.  The Pakistani government said they had looked everywhere ___ the country but could not find any sign ___ him.  

___ the meantime, the American people had nearly forgotten ______ the man responsible ___ the 9/11 attacks.  They were thinking ______ the many other things that had happened since then.  Many Americans had died ___ the two long wars ___ Iraq and Afghanistan.  Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters had done a lot ___ damage.   The economy was ___ very bad condition and many people were ___  ___ work or even homeless.   When the television stations announced that the president would be making a special announcement, many people never imagined it would be to announce the capture and death ___ Bin Laden. 

The big news was that Bin Laden was dead, but there were some even more surprising details.  He was not found ___ Afghanistan, but ___ Pakistan.   He was not ___ a remote mountain cave, but ___ a comfortable villa ___ a resort town not far ___ Islamabad, the nation’s capital city.   Even more shocking was the fact that his villa was less than a kilometer ______ the Pakistani Military Academy ___ a neighborhood where many retired generals live.  And he had lived there ____ six years.  This makes it seem likely that he was being protected ___ the Pakistani government or at least ___ some high ranking military officers.

Bin Laden was caught ___ a daring commando raid ___ the U.S. Navy SEAL Team Six, America’s most elite special operations unit. The operation went like clockwork – in and out ___ forty minutes, with no U.S. casualties.  It was like something that we think could only happen ___ a Hollywood action movie.   Bin Laden was killed ___ the action and his body was buried ___ sea.  This has caused some people to doubt that he was actually killed. 

The loss ___ Bin Laden probably will not mean the end ___ Al Qaeda.  They and many other militant Islamist groups will continue terrorist attacks _________ the world.   It may also not mean the end ___ the U.S. war ___ Afghanistan.   But, the death ___ Osama bin Laden will give many Americans the satisfaction that finally, justice has been done.