The best place to hide is the last place they’ll look — right under their noses!

Bin Laden found the most obvious hiding place that no one would ever suspect, certainly not any of his high ranking Pakistani military neighbors.

KAKUL, ABBOTTABAD is a scenic campus town 60 kilometers from the capital of Islamabad.



Comfort and convenience

Bin Laden’s million dollar retreat in the picturesque Abbottabad suburb of Kakul, a quiet, upscale campus town that is a favorite retirement destination for Pakistan’s top military brass.


1,000 meters from the  Pakistan Military Academy

 where, on 23 April, Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani boasted that military has broken the backbone of the -militants.


3 kilometers from Ayub Medical College Hospital

with a staff of 500 in-house physicians,
1,000 beds and one of the largest  emergency care centers in the region.


2 kilometers from COMSAT IIT

Institute of information technology equipped with the latest in communication technology.


1 kilometer from Ilyasi Mosque

Inspiring architecture in a pastoral setting where Islamic spiritual leaders gather to discuss and dispense religious doctrine.