Everyone has a UFO story, right?  Well, I do.  I don’t claim to have witnessed green Martians swimming in my Martini, but I definitely did witness an atmospheric event that I never could identify and never will forget.

One summer evening in 197o I took a young lady for a scenic drive along the Marin Headlands above the north shore of the Golden Gate. I had been up the winding mountain road before, but never was my anticipation of its scenic powers so great as it was on this my first accompanied tour.  I believe the lady and I were both ready for most anything, but certainly neither of us was prepared for the heavenly revelation that spread over the city that remarkable evening.

I have tried to describe the glorious burst of light that traversed the twilight sky, first appearing as a glimmering dot of light over the Berkeley Hills and then growing into a symphony of color as it passed over the diamond lights of the San Francisco skyline.  I even tried drawing it, but could never recreate that stratospheric spectre in any medium.  Now, forty years after the event, I have finally seen the first and only image that comes close to the vision we saw – my UFO sighting reproduced over the skies of China.

Watch the video and imagine what it looked like to us over the city by the bay.