Scanning the world news today could lead you to believe the Mayan prophesy of doom is right on track:  an oil covered ocean, crumbling European economies, an erupting arctic island, a capital city under siege, mindless mass killings of innocents and, of course,  incessant wars.

Switch your attention to Japan’s national news and you might instead conclude the world is falling into a hole led by a dithering White Rabbit.

This land of robots and anime is in a tizzy over the shocking failure of the national leadership to promote the people’s choice in …. fashion.  Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama (a.k.a. the Alien), has hopped from one mad tea party to another since taking the country by storm last September, but his latest faux pas seems to be the last magic straw for the electorate.

Photos have surfaced of the minister-in-chief attending a BBQ with local voters sporting an asymmetrical, multi-colored, mix-matched shirt that reeks of ’80s INXS.

The revelation sparked a national uproar, sending Hatoyama’s ratings into the cellar and renewing the call for his removal. The offended opposition reinforced their argument with drudged up archive shots of earlier wardrobe disasters.

In an embarrassing attempt to reach out to the public just one month after taking office, the dapper, out-of-touch scion of a rubber conglomerate displayed his modeling skills on a televised Tokyo catwalk.

Pundits here attribute this fashion fetish to the misguided guile of first lady Miyuki (a.k.a. Hello Kitty).

Others suggest that Hatoyama may have thought he could improve his dismal popularity by tying in to a current Hollywood box-office hit.

The scandal has some here wishing the king actually did have no clothes.