Sometimes I get comments that deserve to be rescued from the shadows of the Comments Section and brought to the full light of the Front Page.  My posts on the U.S. Health Insurance debate provoked such notable comments from dog lover ‘Spencer’ who, along with me, is an American expat living in Japan where we enjoy excellent and affordable health care through a single payer government insurance system.

Spencer well expresses my own dismay, disappointment and disgust with the ugliness we see in America these days. Her comments reveal the raw reaction we both have far better than my own tempered commentary.

Don’t the home-bound Americans realize that the rest of the world is watching with disbelief?

Here are Spencer’s frustrated and frank responses to the health care debacle going on in our home country.  My reply is included.

Spencer March 23, 2010

What are the income demographics between Democrats and Republicans? in general which group is made up of what income brackets?

I was always under the impression that Republicans were pro big business and made up, for the most part, of middle to upper class income earners.

Democrats or Republicans, America has grown to have too many who take out second mortgages from greedy corrupt financiers to fund their material excesses, and then say they don’t want to carry their share of the burden to pay for the basic human needs of those who break their backs trying to make ends meet.

I am disgusted with not only with an ineffectual congress and overall broken political system, but with those scary tea party freaks and the American people in general

For once, why can’t they just do the right thing?
Bush, the idiot war-monger who used tax dollars to kill our own and murder others was voted in by the voice populous twice, now this incredibly sloppy bar-brawl of a health care debate –- what a mess.

I am, for the second time since the dark ages of Bush, ashamed to admit I come from this country of which I used to be so proud. — Spencer

Dane Degenhardt March 23, 2010


Thank you for bringing up an important point – the Republicans and their fear-monger followers are essentially saying, “Hey, I got mine. If you don’t, screw you!” The irony is that many of the more virulent are just barely hanging on to theirs. So why do so many low income whites support the Republican corporates when they themselves are victims of corporate greed? Aye, there’s the rub!

In trying to find some rationale to this irrational behavior, I was reminded of the poor devotees of cult religions who give up their meager holdings to support the vulgar opulence of the guru. Yes, there is the brainwash argument, but there is something else lurking here too. By promoting their guru they can vicariously enjoy his excesses. (The same can be said of low ranking staff at top corporations).

I also suspect that by siding with the rich who are oppressing them, they are hanging on to the illusion that one day they may be accepted as a member of the ruling class (like the native supporters of colonial regimes), denying the obvious fact that they are being used.

Underlying this irrational reasoning is a sense of identification with the corporate elite. But, with no money and no corporate membership, what do they share with the elite that they don’t share with their fellow victims? In a word, race.

If that is the case, the vitriol we’ve been witnessing of late, more than a fear of the great bogeyman socialism, an innate phobia of those people who “aren’t like us”.

The New York Times ran two editorials that touch on this aspect of the anti Obama phenomenon; both are well worth a read.

Paul Krugman – Fear Strikes Out

Bob Herbert – An Absence of Class

From the information I have managed to weed out of all the rhetoric both parties are flouting, the haves don’t lose much if anything and the have-nots gain something significant, though not nearly enough.

What I am worried about are news reports that a dozen states are suing the US government! Apparently regulating health care is unconstitutional!

This from a country that is already muddying the waters over the separation of the three branches of government (they already regulate our lives, isn’t that what GOVERNANCE does by nature and design?), not to mention the separation of church and state.

How can Texas remove Jefferson, the man who laid down the constitutional guarantee of separation of state and church, from school text books, to hide this political philosophy from future Texans, then turn around and sue the government? Just who is screwing with our constitutional rights?

Get smart America. Know the facts before drinking your Tea Party rhetoric.

Remember that we never said we shouldn’t pay for our government –- that just wouldn’t work.  The tea party in Boston harbor centuries ago was in protest to taxation WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!!!!!

We need health care. We got a form of health care. It will have to be paid for. Take your medicine, (and aren’t we glad our grandparents can now AFFORD THEIRS), or your tea, pay for it and drink it!

I am willing to do my part for that little kid with cancer and am ready for government to do even more governing. How about more about getting the wankers on Wall street to pull up their bootstraps and behave like responsible members of society and not rip off the innocent, hard working individuals in our country who DESERVE better representation from a caring government and not a greedy corporation –- insurance or otherwise, America?

It’s passed–get used to it. Take your medicine. —  Spencer

Just watched the news. Sarah Palin using words like reload and images of cross hairs on her face book page…death threats to congress members who voted for the health care bill…

Americans, calm down. Take a breath.

There is real danger of another civil war on our hands, only this time it won’t be as clean cut as north and south; it will be a messy and ill-defined war of neighbor against neighbor, Republican against Democrat, wealthy against poor, a war that would bring the country to its knees.

I implore you to stop this.

I am honestly worried about the future existence of our nation.  —  Spencer