For those of you not familiar with the story of the dying priest currently circulating the Internet, here is a summary of the original.

A priest well known in the Washington power circuit lay dying in the hospital. He sends for President Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to visit his deathbed. When they arrive, the priest takes Obama’s hand in his right hand and Pelosi’s hand in his left hand, saying he will die as did the Lord Jesus,  “between two lying thieves.”

Here is the first publication of the subsequent scene.

With the name of his Lord still ringing in his ears, the old priest’s body began to shudder.

The president leaned toward the frail body and gently whispered, “Take heart, Father, your journey is about to begin.”

At that very moment, a stern old nurse reached across the patient’s bed, grabbed the cord connecting him to the respirator and forcefully pulled the plug.

“Sorry,” she said in a monotone drawl, “Blue Cross just canceled your treatment.”

The priest gasped, “Thou art my shep….” and fell into a stiff silence.

The speaker shrieked, “Oh my God! He’s dying right before our eyes!”

The president muttered to himself, “Not on my watch, he isn’t!”

In a flash, the president dove across the bed, replaced the respirator plug with one hand while pressing hard on the priest’s chest with the other.

The nurse pushed forward shouting, “You can’t do that!  Who the hell do you think you are?”

Nancy stepped in front of the enraged nurse and with one thrust of her bony elbow, knocked the bitch to the floor.

Moments later the priest’s eyes opened, and gazing up at the mature woman and the young man standing over him, he whispered in awe….

“Hail Mary. Praise Jesus. I am together with you both, at last!”

The story, which appears to be inspired by a piece written by the Marquis de Sade in 1782, has appeared on the Internet with the visitors depicted as various characters including Bush and Cheney, the Clintons, an IRS agent and a lawyer, and Nancy Pelosi again with Harry Reid standing in for the president.

I want to thank my brother Craig for bringing this piece to my attention, though I am sure that my final scene will not set well with his conservative sensibilities.