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An autumn barbeque can be delicious,
Seared steaks, roasted pig, boiling hot stew,
The fire’s products are tasty, not malicious,
Till you get beyond the standard menu.

090815-16 Naoto Ghoul

Your belly bursting          and your head aswoon, Your eyes transfix               on the blazing embers,
Standing or sitting
‘neath the Autumn moon,
The carnal heat thrills
your outstretched members.

0900922 Mal-licious

Closer you stand, poking and prodding,
Teasing the flame into a dancing frenzy,
You succumb, body twisting, head nodding,
Plunging your soul into mad infancy.

Crimson coal and amber flame,
Pierce your eyes, singe your heart,
The feast is gone, the fears remain,
Your demon Mara, a la carte.

091012 Noto ghoul

Mara, the Buddhist devil, said to exist somewhere deep in one's own soul.