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Remember Denis Kucinich, the short guy with the pointy ears who was laughed out of the Democratic primaries last year for refusing, in a “Gotcha” interview, to deny the possibility that extraterrestrial life might exist? Well, the Ohio congressman may have lost the party’s nomination, but he is still their most focused and forceful fighter in congress.

In a house oversight committee hearing yesterday he asked six health insurance corporate executives a simple question and demanded a simple, direct response.

Rep. Kucinich: “Do you believe that a health insurer’s refusal to pay for a cancer patient’s treatment can directly or indirectly cause harm or death to that patient?”

Richard Collins, United Health Care Group: Yes.”

Brian Sassi, Wellpoint, Inc.: Yes.”

Patricia Farrell, Aetna, Inc.: Yes.”

James Bloem, Human, Inc.: Yes.”

Thomas Richards, Product CIGNA Healthcare: “…..Yes.”

Colleen Reitan, Health Care Service Corp.: Yes.”

With one exception, they did not even try to obscure their guilt. Their chillingly calm response to a charge of such heinous practices demonstrates just how confident they are that they are acting in full compliance with the law of the land.

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