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Seven-seven, lucky seven, romantic seven.  The seventh night of the seventh month is the time the star crossed lovers of Japanese and Chinese legend redeem their forbidden love.

Once upon a time of Asian mythology, Tentei, God of the Universe, matched his lovely daughter Ori Hime with the handsome young cowboy Hikoboshi.  The young Goddess of Weaving worked her magical loom on the banks of the Amanogawa, the Heavenly River we call the Milky Way. Her beloved herded celestial cattle in the distant astrofields.

Their match, fated in the stars, burst open with all the glory of the universe, so much so that their nuptials eclipsed their heavenly duties.  The mighty Tentei lost patience as the honeymoon extended towards eternity and in a fit of characteristic rage, he hurled the young cowboy across the Amanogawa far from the enraptured Ori Hime.

Distraught by her loss, Ori Hime begged and pleaded to be reunited with Hikoboshi. As Tentei professed a kind of compassionate conservatism, he succumbed to her tears and bequeathed the lovers one night together on the seventh night of the seventh month of each year.

Not unlike his Greco counterpart, the Sino God of the Universe arranged a malicious obstacle to the gift; as Ori Hime rushed into the river she discovered it was too wide and too swift for her to cross.  Mother Nature then intervened, sending a flock of magpies to form a feathered bridge with their wings, that is whenever the weather was suited for flight.

Ever since, Ori Hime and Hikoboshi pray each year that their conjugal night will be cloudless. If rain falls on this night, let a drop touch your lips and you are sure to taste the salty tears of love denied.

© Dane Degenhardt, Monde Dane, 2009.

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