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There was a young gent from Honolulu,
With the hue of a milky faced Zulu
He’s black, he’s white, they’d niggle
Till old logs solved the riddle
Provin’ he’s Irish, toora-loora-loo

America loves the Irish.  America hates the Irish. The sons of Saint Patrick are America’s naughty but lovable second sons.  The laugable, lovable, unflappable Irish — God bless their Catholic souls!  Always good for a drink, a joke, or most often a drunken joke.  And if it weren’t for their literary genius our libraries would be pretty dull indeed. But an Irishman in the White House?  Now that was nothing to drink to.

With today’s civil rights focus on blacks and gays, and all other variations of the species, we forget that  John Fitzgerald Kennedy had to break the green barrier before he could support black freedom. Kennedy was the first American of obvious Irish descent to become president of the United States – or so they say. In fact, fourteen presidents before JFK had hidden but traceable Irish roots; and so has everyone of his successors, except for Gerald Ford. So, it should come as no surprise that Barack Obama is another son Son of Saint Paddy.

Researchers found that his maternal great-great-great-great grandfather Joseph Kearney was a shoemaker from Moneygall, County Offaly – giving new meaning to the term Black-Irish.

The downside is that the good Mr. Kearney was of British tainted Protestant persuasion, thus denying President Obama the kind of kindred Catholic- Irish spirit that JFK enjoyed on the Emerald Isle. Nevertheless, there are those in the old country who applaud Obama’s kinship, appropriately in rhyme and song.

© Dane Degenhardt, Monde Dane *** アメリカンスクールオブ ラングエジーズ***


“Well, you all know that Barack Obama’s great, great grandfather came from County Offaly, and this song has been written; the chorus goes:”

O’Leary, O’Riley , O’Hare and O’Hara.
There’s no one as Irish as Barack Obama.
From the old Blarney Stone
To the green hills of Tara,
There’s no one as Irish as Barack Obama.

And you don’t believe me when I hear you say.
But Barack’s as Irish as our own JFK,
His grandaddy’s grandaddy came from Moneygall
A village in County Offaly well known to you all.


His mam’s daddy’s granddaddy was one Falmouth Kearney
He’s as Irish as Annie from the lakes of Killarney,
His mom’s from a long line of great Irish mamma’s
There’s no one as Irish as Barack Obama.


He looks after his own,
A true son of Saint Patrick,
He chose as his mate
Joe Biden, a Catholic
Proddies, Jews even the Dalai Lama
Know, there’s no one as Irish as Barack Obama


Our Barack’s a hero, I’ve heard them say
Fenian to Kenyan, it’s the American Way,
He’s Cuchulainn, Liongo, not Vishnu or Brahma
But there’s no one as Irish as Barack O’Bama


A name is a name and there’s no doubt about it
Barack O’Bama’s name, we can shout it
Whether apostrophe or inverted comma
There’s no one as Irish as Barack O’Bama.


Now you Hillary supporters don’t you vote for McCain
And the VP needs brains, so forget about Palin
With Cheney and Bush, they are all ignorama
There’s no one as Irish as Barack O’Bama

From Kerry and Cork to old Donegal
Let’s hear it for Barack, from old Moneygall
From the Lakes of Killarney to old Connemara
There’s no one as Irish as Barack O’Bama


Toora l’U, Toora l’S, Toora l’A, Toora lama
There’s no one as Irish as Barack Obama.


The Original by the CORRIGAN BROTHERS



This year’s St. Patrick’s Day

Whatever the wretched Republicans say

May the Lord bless Obama’s USA

With good luck the Irish way