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Even while watching the Inauguration live on TV I was already looking forward to the Youtube remixes.  Half dazed with sleep (it was 2AM here in Tokyo), I listened to Obama’s words, reconstrucing them into a funky MTV remix a la Will i. am.  Today, after nearly two weeks, I was somewhat disappointed by the number and quality of Youtube offerings.

There was only one that I felt was good enough to post here.  I know, it’s a bit schmaltzy, but it’ll have to do till the real thing comes along. Anyway, it has some nice images that give a face to the words.

W H O O P S !!!  S O R R Y – It looks like the guy who put this up forgot to get (buy) permission from Yoko.

I’ll look for another (authorized) Youtube offering to post. Hope to have one  up ASAP.  — DD 2/4/09