Obamamania is the rage in Japan.  President Obama’s Inaugural Address has become the No. 1 media hit.  It is the English language training device of choice for every Kentaro and Kanae, whether they be unruly grade-school kids or retired salarymen, members of parliament or of the local Ikebana group.

Every major daily featured the full text with a direct Japanese translation. Asahi Press published a version accompanied by JFK’s Inaugural and Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address complete with an audio CD.

Now, Monde Dane offers an alternative text – instead of running it side-by-side with a Japanese translation, we are pairing it with an easy English rendition of our own.  Obama’s down to earth words and well defined phrasing makes this speech excellent English study material, but he does include some words and phrases that are just a bit challenging.  A careful word analysis shows only about 10% of the vocabulary is beyond the grasp of the average Japanese middle school student.  Our EZ OBAMA text should put it right in their range.

Because of its length, we are posting the address in installments, each including a link to a New York Times video of the Inaugural Day presentation.

PS: We are forwarding a copy to former President Bush, just in case some of the words went over his head.

Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address

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