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byebyebush(Reuters photo)

“Good and evil are present in this world, and between the two there can be no compromise.” GWB 15 January, 2009

This Thursday, George W. Bush, architect of the Patriot Act, executor of two wars, defender of freedom abroad, enforcer of security at home, friend to America’s prosperous, foe to its detractors, New England aristocrat and redneck rustic, reformed alcoholic and born again Christian, anti-intellectual, pro-business, good humored, dedicated, devoted, demonic, occasionally demented 43rd president of the United States of America gave his most awaited, most anticipated address to the American people – his farewell address.

Adieu, sir.  You will be missed.  We shall miss your unique interpretation of the English language, your nonchalant shrug and devil-may-care grin, your steadfast defense of the indefensible, and your unwavering devotion to inspirational reasoning.

Your absence will leave a deep chasm in the material of social commentators all across the political spectrum – from Rush Limbaugh to Michael Moore. Your fiscal policies will be well remembered by grateful corporate executives and beleaguered taxpayers alike. Your foreign policy decisions will forever remain the ideal of radical recruiters around the world. And overall, you sir, will be direly missed by Bush Bashers of every persuasion.

Adios George.  Hope to see you again – at the Hague.

Yours truly, A grateful American


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