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The end is here for each and all;

For Bernard Madoff’s fleeced flock,
the end of dividends too good to be true.
For the Faustian CEO bloc,
the end of gilded parachutes and rancid revenue.

For Dick Cheney’s Halliburton cronies,
the end of contracts on demand.
For the Neo-cons and hangers on,
the end of castles in the Arabian sand.

For the Bush dynasty,
the end of a bloody reign.
For the GOP religiosity,
the end of the gravy train.

For the man of Hope and Change,
the end of unchallenged praise.
For his people formerly chained,
the end of a long, bitter malaise.

For hundreds in Gaza, and along the Tigris,
and so many more in places unnamed,
the end of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,
the lot of the martyrs, all murdered or maimed.

But for you and for me
the end is not something to fear,
no Apocalypse, no calamity
just the end of another year.