Iraq Bush (Click image for video)

I love the internet! Just a couple of days ago George the artful dodger saved his butt from a boot barrage and already the net is full of imaginative and fun ways to relive the historical event. I want to thank Kashiwa’s master tennis coach (future shoe lobbing coach?) Shinichi Suzuki (see links) for sending me this great game.


(Click image to play – click here for more Shoe cartoons from Cagle.com)

Heroic Protestor


Muntazer al-Zaidi, 29, master shoe lobber and world renowned Bush basher. The defiant journalist could have become a wealthy man if he had had the foresight to wear a pair of Nikes – just think of the possible endorsement fees!

Presidential precedent


Papa Bush got his fair share of Babylonian sandals during his enshrinement on the front lobby floor at Baghdad’s Al Rashid Hotel after the Persian Gulf War. The down trodden Papa was avenged by one his  boy’s GIs who tore up the mosaic and replaced it with an image of his arch nemesis Saddam Hussein.