No apologies for this belated Thanksgiving message - gratitude is never out of date!

No apologies for this belated Thanksgiving message - gratitude is never out of date!

Six months! A lot can happen in any six-month period, but even more has happened in the past half-year; the Olympics Extravaganza, the predictable conventions, Sarah Palin (Thanks, but no thanks), economic disintegration, Obama-mania are a few things that come to mind. All worthy of musing, mugging or memorializing. So where was Monde Dane during this most eventful period? We were preoccupied with the business of observing these phenomena and devising techniques to counter the negative fallout.

I will try to catch up a bit before the last sands of the year run out of the hourglass.

But tonight I am not in the mood for such weighty matters; while some are certainly mitigated by near hilarious irony, all carry the weight of historical drama. What’s on my mind at the moment is much lighter – lighter than a feather gently brushing against your funny bone.

“No news is good news and good news is no news.”

Sounds sensible enough, but today a found a headline that proves good news can be reportable – even in the mainstream media.

Good cheer may spread itself, a study suggests
AP Medical Writer Maria Cheng – Fri Dec 5, 2008

LONDON – When you’re smiling, the whole world really does smile with you.

A paper being published Friday in a British medical journal concludes that happiness is contagious — and that people pass on their good cheer even to total strangers.  Continue reading at risk of losing your attitude.

Are you a disgruntled Republican or a disillusioned liberal Democrat? Try self-exile in Hamlet’s home.

Happy Anyway? Thank your grandparents.

Not in the mood for all this feel good propaganda? Then you have got to go to this site;  listen, watch and see if you don’t change your tune.