Two and a half years after the 9/11 attack, as George and his neoncons were preparing to invade Iraq, I adopted a new motto; “God Forgive America”.  As the commander in chief continued to abuse his powers and his armies, I acquired a sympathetic ear to the hard criticisms columnist Ted Rall wrote with his poison pen.  More recently, I have been in excited agreement with Ron Paul’s references to the “blowback” theory on why the Islamists hate us.
With this evolution in my own criticism of American policy, maybe I should have found no reason to resent the recently broadcasted hate sermons by the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  But there was something that distinguished Wright’s rants from the criticisms by the liberal author, the conservative congressman, and myself.  My tempered “God Forgive America” came after a period of respectful mourning and only in the face of American aggression, Rall’s inflammatory words are always supported by well-reasoned argument, and Paul’s geopolitical theories are based on historical and CIA analyses. Wright asks for damnation, not forgiveness, he says black Americans share Islamists grievances against the US, and he suggests we had it coming with his “chickens come home to roost” analogy.  And fueling the hatred in each argument, he blames it all on America’s indemnic racism. He didn’t just cross the line, he jumped over it.
I was not shocked to hear these diatribes from a pastor in a black ghetto church, but I did seriously question Barrack Obama’s 20-year membership in such a racist congregation.
I still have reservations about Obama, but I have to say this response to the latest controversy is commendable.
He has faced the issue directly and frankly. He has taken a very negative, divisive problem and turned it into something that could start some real, constructive airing of the perception gap that divides the races.
I strongly recommend you watch the whole thing, digest his words, and write me your thoughts.
Would appreciate hearing your comments.