My father was a tolerant man, except when it came to stupidity.  I am proud to claim many of his traits for my own, including the above; which explains my dismay upon reading that Amy Winehouse, the most talented vocalist to hit the music scene in years, was denied a visa to enter the United States where she was scheduled to perform at the Grammy Awards.  Is this the way our government is protecting our borders – rejecting an accomplished performer from Britain on the grounds that she was convicted of possessing marijuana in Norway?  Are the brains at the State Department afraid that she might introduce vile British habits to the innocent Yankee kids?  Maybe they didn’t read their own study that claims we already out-perform the Europeans in the consumption of cannabis, or other reports that their botched war in Aghanistan has spurred the revival of the heroin trade.  Or could it be that they are protecting our national treasure, Britney Spears, from unfair competition from abroad. Probably they just decided to celebrate the McCain Super Tuesday victory by reenacting the Nixon attack on another talented British artist.
Amy’s Subversive Voice
Newsclips  FEB 7, 2008 NYT