What?  You didn’t know he was in?
Who the hell is Kucinich, anyway?
His anonymity is explained in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNXP1djL27A
In spite of the schmaltzy faux newsroom set up, this is worth watching. It really sheds light on how the whole campaign is little more than the political version of American Idol.
I apologize for the “newsroom team” but recommend you give a good listen to his response to a question from the debate he was excluded from; and the James Cromwell interview.
Nice to see that my buddy Willie Nelson is with Kucinich too.
Now I can only hope that Ron Paul or John Edwards makes it to their respective conventions.  Otherwise I’ll have to look for a third-party candidate; or express my disgust with the media candidates by filing a write-in vote for Kucinich. 
Kucinich is a realist?  I don’t think so.  He’s got to be a real dreamer to think that he had a chance in hell to buck the Pop-Star polls.
Better start psyching ourselves up for yet another tabloid term.
Hillary, anyone?
Disgruntled Dane
PS: While you’re at it, check out his wife, Elizabeth.