Here’s a little quiz about the customs and history of the Christmas holidays that a lot of Japanese aren’t so sure about. In some cases, two or three answers apply. I will post the answers and explanations next week.
1 What is Christmas? a. Childrens’ Day b. Santa Claus Day c. Jesus Christ’s birthday

2 When was the first Christmas? a. 150 years ago b. 1,000 years ago c. 2,006 years ago

3 Where was it? a. England b. Germany c. Israel

4 Where is Israel? a. Europe b. The Middle East c. Africa

5 What was Jesus? a. A carpenter b. A teacher c. A fisherman

6 What religion was he? a. Jewish b. Christian c. Buddhist

7 What did he teach? a. Love b. Charity c. Peace

8 What do Christians believe? a. He was a God b. He was God’s son c. He was a teacher

9 What was the Christmas star? a. A comet b. A new star c. A rock star

10 What was Jesus’ mother’s name? a. Maria b. Mary c. Madonna

11 What was his father’s name? a. Jose b. Joseph c. George

12 Who brought him gifts? a. Santa Claus b. Bill Gates c. 3 kings

13 Who was Saint Nicolas (Santa Claus)? a. A Finnish King b. An Italian Pope c. A Greek bishop

14 When is Saint Nicolas Day? a. Dec 6th b. Dec 25th c. July 4th

15 When did Jesus get his gifts? a. Dec 6th b. Dec 25th c. Jan 6th

16 Where does the Christmas tree come from? a. Israel b. Finland c. Germany

17 When did modern Christmas begin? a. 150 years ago b. 1,000 years ago c. 2,006 years ago

18 Where? a. In Israel b. In England c. In America

19 Who made it? a. The church b. The department stores c. Social workers

20 Why did they make it a super holiday? a. To sell things b. To promote family and charity c. For the hell of it

21 What is the real meaning of Christmas? a. Love b. Charity c. Peace

22 What Christmas custom has the most impact? a. Food b. Decorations c. Music

23 What’s American Christmas cake like?

a. There are many types.
b. They are the same as in Japan.
c. There’s no Christmas cake.

24 When do many Americans put up the tree? a. Dec 1st b. Dec 24th c. Dec 25th

25 Who perfected the popular image of Santa Claus? a. The Church b. Disney c. Coca Cola