1 The correct pronunciation is this noble award is the Nobel (no-BEL) Prize. 
2 The awards are named after the 19th century Swedish industrialist, Alfred Nobel. 
3 The Nobel Foundation is a private institution located in Stockholm, Sweden.
4 Alfred Nobel was born in 1833 and died in 1896. The first awards were made in 1901. 
5 Alfred Nobel was both an inventor and a businessman
6 He invented dynamite in 1867.
7 Those who receive the Nobel Prize are called either Nobel winners or laureates, a word that refers to the crown of laurel leaves worn by winners in Roman times.
8 Prizes have been awarded to 777 individuals and 20 organizations.
9 Australian physicist Lawrence Bragg shared an award with his father in 1915 when he was 25 years old.
10 This year, Russian-American Leonid Hurwicz shared the economics prize at the age of 90.
11 Thirty four women have been honored by the Nobel Foundation. Marie Curie was the first woman laureate, sharing her prize with her husband in 1903. English writer Doris Lessing received the Literature prize this year.
12 There have been twelve Japanese laureates. The first was physicist Hideki Yukawa in 1949. The most recent were chemist Koichi Tanaka and physicist Masatoshi Koshiba in 2002.
13 Americans have won the award 301 times, thanks to the country’s size, wealth, and most of all, it’s immigration policy.
14 Only two men have refused the Nobel. Jean-Paul Sarte refused the literature award in 1964 true to his conviction never to accept any official awards. In 1973, Le Duc Tho of Vietnam rejected his joint Peace prize with Henry Kissinger for political reasons.
15 Hitler did not allow two chemists and one medical researcher to receive the award and the Soviet Union forced Boris Pasternak, the author of Dr. Zhivago, to return his.
16 Four times joint awards were given to married couples beginning with the Curies in 1903.
17 Eighteen other family members have reveived the prize.
18 There is no Nobel Prize for music.
19 Al Gore won the Peace Prize in 2007.
20 He got it for his work in combatting global warming.
21 88-year-old English Doris Lessing won this year’s Literature Prize.
22 She received 170 million yen. Like most Laureates, she will most probably donate the money to charity or use it to establish her own foundation.