Ever notice how people can reveal their inner selves in such mundane ways? Take for example, eating fruit . Our favorite taste in fruit tells a lot about who we are.
lawrence-alma-tadema1.jpgLawrence Alma-Tadem’s Cleopatra
Grapes – The Prima dona
The grape eater is a closet Cleopatra, a secret decandent who longs to sprawl elegantly on a settee, regally plucking each succulent grape from an abundant cluster as her barge floats lazily down the Nile.

le_fils_de_lhommerenemagritte1.jpg Rene Magritte’s Le fils de l’homme 

Apples – The accountant
Robust, crisp, crunchy apples satisfy the precise, healthy tastes of a confident activist. Apple eaters are practical and efficient with a cool air of indifference.

peach_orchardjoe-moorman-1.jpg Joe Moorman’s Peach Orchard

Peaches – Sensitivity Plus
This sweet, fragile fruit is pretty and soft on the outside, but hard and sour on the inside – until they are ready to ripen. Neglect them for too long and they quickly turn rotten. And ripe or not, they bruise easily and demand gentle care in peeling and restrained strength in removing the hard core. Peach eaters are either patient care-givers or fragile souls.

linda-reid1.jpg Linda Reid’s Banana Girl

Bananas – Who cares?
The choice of monkeys offers instant gratification with no fuss. Banana people are easy going, relaxed and just a bit lazy. Some are even known to harbour a desire to swing from trees.