As promised, here are the answers to last week’s quiz on Burma.  I hope it compares favorably with your choices.

1 Myanmar is in Southeast Asia.

2 Thailand is to the east.

3 India is to the west.

4 China is to the north.

5 In the Burmese language, Myanma is the written name of the country, while Bama or Bamar is the oral name. Most English speaking nations do not officially recognize the name Myanmar used by the military regime. EU uses the ambiguous term, Myanmar/Burma, while the UN uses Myanmar.

6 The military regime rejected the name Rangoon as a remnant of the colonial era. Their name for the capital, Yangon, has not been confirmed by the National Assembly.

7 Burma is almost twice as big as Japan.

8 The population of Burma is approximately 50 million. (Japan 127 million)

9 The government recognizes 135 distinct ethnic groups living in the country. 

10  Many different languages from four linguistic families are spoken in Burma.

11 89% of Burmese are Buddhist, 4% are Muslim and 4% are Christian.
12 Burma was colonized from 1850 to 1948 by England, though France and Holland colonized many of the neighboring lands.

13 Japan was in Burma during WWII, first as an ally of the independence movement but after about one year, the Imperial Army became an occupying enemy.

14 The country is ruled by a military regime that called itself socialist from 1974 to 1988.

15 Burma gained independence from Britain in 1948, the military took over in a coup in 1962 and they declared martial law in 1989.

16 The people are demonstrating for many things including jobs and religious freedom, but all under the banner of democracy.

17 Aung San Suu Kyi is a politician with the looks of a movie star and the posture of a princess.

18 Her father was a prime minister in the interim government but was assassinated just before final independence was achieved.

19 Like all women political leaders in Southweast Asia, she is the head of a family dynasty.

20 She received a bachelors degree from Oxford in 1969 and a PhD in Oriental studies from the University of London in 1985.

21 She has been under detention since 1989, most of that time she has been confined to her house.

22 She was elected prime minister in 1989.

23 She won the Nobel Prize in 1991.

24 In 1972, she married Dr. Michael Aris, an English scholar of Tibetan studies. He died in England in 1999. 

25 She was born in Rangoon on 19 June, 1945. 

26 She has two sons, Michael, born in 1973, and Kim, born in 1977.  Both boys live in England.