With all news about Burma (Myanmar) these days, I made up a little quiz for my students. If you think some of the questions insult your intelligence, just ask yourself, “Could I answer similar questions on East Timor or Sudan?” Since my answer to that was an emphatic, “No,” I went to Wikipedia before making up the quiz.
I will post the answers on October 13th.

1 Where is Myanmar?
a. East Africa b. Southeast Asia c. Central America

2 What country is to the east?
a. Vietnam b. Holland c. Thailand

3 What country is to the west?
a. India b. Pakistan c. The Vatican

4 What country is to the north?
a. New Zealand b. China c. Korea

5 What’s the proper name of the country?
a. Myanmar b. Shangrila c. Burma

6 What’s the name of the capital?
a. Rangoon b. Yangon c. Kabul

7 How big is the country?
a. Almost twice as big as Japan
b. Almost half as big as Texas
c. About the same size as Monaco

8 How many people are there in Burma?
a. About the same as a Stones concert audience
b. Less than half Japan’s population
c. More than Japan

9 What kind of people live there?
a. One race b. Geeks c. Hundreds of ethnic groups

10 What language do they speak?
a. Many different languages b. Japlish c. Burmese only

11 What percent of Burmese are Buddhist?
a. 69% b. 89% c. 99%

12 Burma was colonized from 1850 to 1948 by _______ ?
a. France b. England c. Holland

13 Japan was in Burma during WWII as an ________?
a. ally b. occupier c. observer.

14 What kind of government does it have?
a. communist b. democratic c. military

15 How long have they been in control?
Since a. 1948 b. 1962 c. 1989

16 Why are the people demonstrating?
a. jobs b. religious reasons c. democracy

17 Who is Aung San Suu Kyi?
a. an actress b. a politician c. a princess

18 Her father was a ________?
a. prime minister b. king c. dictator

18 Why is she so powerful?
a. Burmese men are wimps.
b. She’s the leader of a family dynasty.
c. She’s so pretty and charming.

19 Where did she go to school?
a. Oxford b. Harvard c. Beverly Hills High

20 Where has she been since 1989?
a. exiled to London b. out to lunch c. in her house

21 What happened to her in 1990?
a. She was elected prime minister.
b. She won a Grammy for hottest R&B Female vocalist.
c. She won the Nobel Prize.

22 What happened to her in 1991?
a. She was elected prime minister.
b. She visited Tokyo Disneyland.
c. She won the Nobel Prize.

23 Where was her husband from?
a. Burma b. Crawford, Texas c. England

24 How old is she?
a. 22 b. 62 c. 72

25 Does she have any children?
She has a. 2 dachshunds b. 6 daughters c. 2 sons