The Farmer’s Almanac reports a full moon for August 28th.
This is a good time to post a poem I wrote some time ago, before I had a blog.
Hope you enjoy the poem and heed the message.

Hide your eyes

Hide your eyes from the moon
avoid its magnetic lure
or surely it will draw you in
place you under its spell
sending your soul to heaven
or to hell

Hide your eyes from the moon
when it’s brimming full of light
spreading its power through the night
working its magic
romantic or tragic
or totally mad

When the moon is at its peak
the full heart swells
and  the empty heart sinks
the dreamer soars
the madman roars
and all swoon

Hide your heart from the moon
that illusory mirror never lies, magnifies
your whims, your sins, your alibis
Lay them bare
and you’ll dare
Diana’s rage

Dane Degenhardt
Moriya – 27 October, 2004