Once upon a time there was a curious man from China who wore a magical pair of glasses. Everywhere he looked he saw things other people could not see.


One day long ago, a curious young boy watched a parade of magnificent azure blue peacocks marching down the narrow street in front of his house.

“Look! Look! Fantastic birds are stirring up clouds of gold dust!” he shouted to his brother and sister in a frighteningly excited voice.

“Big brother, you are seeing things again,” his sister scolded him. “Your ‘peacocks’ are nothing more than soldiers marching to another citizen’s arrest.

“”Yeah! And the dust is not ‘gold’, it’s just plain old street dust,” his little brother chimed in, now confident that they had caught their big brother in another lie.

“No, little fool! Those are royal peacocks. And there, in front is a majestic lion leading them to the palace with his great roars.”

“That, dear Brother, is a motorbike with a terrible loud speaker,” she corrected, “and they are headed to a People’s Court.”

Just then, their mother charged in to see what mischief her noisy children were up to now. After listening to each version of the spectacle, she proudly announced that her eldest son was as right as he was wrong.

“They are grander than royal peacocks, they are our great leader’s Red Guards. The lion is the herald of the People’s Justice, and the gold dust is the aura of joy shed by all the jubilant patriots lining the street.”

Satisfied that his mother had confirmed the truth of his special vision, our young man ran out to join the parade. His ‘Little Red Book’ was tucked tightly into his tunic alongside the old wrapping paper he carried with him everywhere – just in case he saw another glorious vision. He would need to record the sight as he saw it so that he could silence his doubting siblings.

(To be continued – Chapter Two)