Magic and Louie-Pepe endure Dog Days

It’s hot, hot and wet! That’s fine when you’re in an onsen, but it’s hell when you’re walking the dog! 40.9 degrees officially announced for Tokyo. Don’t you believe it. More Ishihara propaganda for his ‘Cool Biz’ campaign. Anyone walking their dog on Tokyo’s steaming asphalt will tell you it was much hotter than that. How hot? Maybe his honor the mayor doesn’t know, but our best friends sure do, especially the Dachshunds and other low riders.

Even out here in the ‘Green Belt’, suburban pooches know the pavement is too hot for their tender paws. Everywhere grass doesn’t grow, these clever canines with masters too stupid to wait until dark, hold fast in the genkan, leap into bicycle baskets, or demand a chauffeured ride to the park. The entrance to our local dog run, Shinrin Koen, looks like the driveway to the New Otani. Patient drivers sit in their cars, engines and ACs running full open – assuring that the atmosphere heats up even more. Meanwhile, their privileged passengers leisurely mingle at their summer garden party – no ties or shoes required.

The last time local temps reached so high was in 1933. In that year troops were fighting to bring ‘prosperity’ to a nation torn apart by warlords, ultra conservative politicians were assailing the constitution, the country’s oil supply was in jeopardy, the world stock markets dropped to historic lows and bankruptcies ran rampant.

I imagine the government of the time put out fudged statistics then too. But I’d bet the dogs of the day were not fooled. Even the dumbest street mutt understands that when it feels this hot, it is really hot!