Things happen fast in the Heavenly Kingdom. I scanned the news today hoping to find a follow-up to yesterday’s horror story posting, but never dreaming of such a rich catch. The first story somewhat allayed my worst fears of someday finding out the chocolate mousse on the menu was spelled with an extra “s”. I should have stopped reading right then and there because the second article will have me dreaming about feasting on a Shanghai catlet.

China’s former food and drug chief executed

BEIJING (AFP) 10 July, 2007 – China executed the former chief of its food and drug watchdog on Tuesday. The unusually swift execution of Zheng Xiaoyu, 62, came amid rising international concern about the quality of the foods, drugs and many other products that China exports.

The report did not say how Zheng was executed but the typical method in China, which puts to death more people than any other nation, is a bullet to the head or lethal injection.

China animal lovers protest eating cats

SHANGHAI (AP) 10 July 2007 – Chinese cat lovers mobilized online to save a truck load of cats from the cooking pot, a newspaper reported Tuesday. Veteran Shanghai cat rescuer Duo Zirong called police Friday to stop a truck stuffed with some 800 live cats, the China Daily said.

Cat meat is considered a delicacy in southern China and cats are sold live to markets where they are slaughtered fresh for customers.