Democracy, you beautiful child,
What have they done to you to make you so wild?
The bands and the banners all herald your birth,
While the powers that guide you are known to usurp
All the hope and glory that marched forth this day;
Noble words of freedom that held kings at bay.

Will you grow to be sturdy and healthy and brave,
Or succumb to the purveyors of fear;
The misguided saviour and the callous old knave
Who answer your smile with a sneer?

Democracy, you greedy old man,
Can you no longer feel the lure of the utopian;
A city on a hill that touches the clouds,
A village in a dell unfettered by doubts,
Where happiness is for all to pursue,
Where vice is the victim of virtue?

Will you succumb to politics of no trial, all error,
Or regain the hope of your youth;
The clarity of purpose that kills the curse of terror
And thrives on unbridled truth?

Will we will ourselves to be
The children of the light
Or will we doom democracy
To the demons of the night?